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About Us

Valto Technologies is a global IT firm specializing in system integration, technology consulting and other IT services. We provide result driven solutions to business organizations in order for them to achieve excellence in terms of performance and productivity.


Ever since the inception of the company in 2009 in Mumbai whose primary focus lied on document management and KPO/BPO services, Valto has come a long way to become a major player in artificial intelligence based solutions. Apart from India, Valto operates in the Middle East, Africa, Far East Asia and USA, providing DI/DMS Solutions, VDI/Application Virtualization, Secure Remote Access Solutions, Data Capture Solutions and Technology Consulting.

Valto has taken on some of the seemingly impossible tasks in the field and came out on top with flying colors; multiple times. We have even worked for the India and UAE government. We are primarily a client service oriented company who puts client satisfaction as a top priority.

Vision and Mission& Philosophy

Our name comes from the phrase “VALue TO you” – that’s how much we care about our clients, employees, partners, vendors and investors. Our mission plain and simple, is to be able to provide our clients with the best solutions that take the business to heights of success. And in the process, create opportunities, while being recognized as a world leader in technology based solutions.

Our value lies in the SHARE principle. It’s an acronym comprised of Sanguine, Humble, Attentive, Responsible and Excellence. The virtues we hold high in order to be able to do our jobs the best way possible and deliver our clients the best advice.

Why Us?

Collaboration is key at Valto. We believe that if the team is not in sync with the clients’ needs, the project suffers quality. Constant mutual collaboration leads to a rich customer experience and tangible results. We provide instantly accessible, efficient and rich in quality solutions at a reduced rate.

As to other reasons why clients prefer us, there is more. Valto is a global company recruiting the finest talents in the industry who are capable of leveraging innovative techniques to achieve industry specific solutions that are tailor made for the success of our clients.