Valto Technologies - crafts strategic technology solutions for business enterprise |
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Valto Technologies – crafts strategic technology solutions for business enterprise

23 May Valto Technologies – crafts strategic technology solutions for business enterprise

Valto Technologies is a global IT company that crafts strategic technology solutions for business enterprises to foster their success.    They specialize in document management systems, technology consulting and system integration among other IT services. Their core competencies include providing document management systems in Dubai, and application virtualization services in UAE and India. They are also experts in automated forms processing in UAE and India.

Just like any other IT firm, they provide result driven solutions to help companies excel in terms of productivity and efficiency. But they do it with a difference!


A concept as simple as collaboration is what ensures consistent and successful projects at Valto and most importantly what makes their clients go back to them for all their technology endeavours.
They believe that if their team is not in sync with their client’s needs their projects would lack quality. Which is precisely why they constantly keep in touch with their clients to make sure they are on the same page at all times.

Ever since its inception in the year 2009, the main focus of Valto Technologies has been in functioning as a reliable document management company in India and UAE. Their primary aim has been to equip business enterprises with the right technology and enable them to stay ahead in a business world that is rapidly moving towards paper-less offices.

That is precisely where document management systems come in to play. In the fast paced business environment that we live in nowadays, it is almost inevitable for businesses to do away with paperwork and switch to more efficient means for managing their important documents.
According to several recent studies, the average American office worker uses around 10,000 sheets of paper on an annual basis, which comes to about 2 whole cases. That is to say, if your company has about 200 or 300 employees, that’s about 300,000 in a year. Now that is how much you would be spending on paper every year! Considering the cost of a case of paper, plus the average cost of printing a page which is roughly 3 cents, you can do the math!
And let ‘s not even try to imagine what the storage costs would be!

Not only are paper-based document management systems expensive, but they are also inefficient, time-consuming and frankly quite confusing. At this day and age where information is pretty much sought at the click of a button everywhere, having to rummage through cabinets and drawers just to find out a particular date or say to look up a number, is not the least bit practical.

Valto, being primarily a document management company in UAE and India, helps businesses overcome all these issues with paperwork. They offer state-of-the-art, intelligent document management software that can be customized to suit your business model. They enable companies to completely eliminate such confusing paperwork and help organize all important information under a single portal which is accessible by any employee from wherever they are. Moreover, all important documents can be uploaded periodically and accessed across the system in a seamless manner, thereby immensely cutting down on costs and time.

If your company relies heavily on paperwork and suffers from inefficiency, then it’s time to change. Get to avail some of the most game-changing technologies in document management systems in India and UAE as well as business process management in India and UAE.
Discuss with the technology experts of Valto technologies to upgrade your document management capabilities and improve your business processes.

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