In a world where technology is changing by the day, it’s true power lies in the hands of those who use it. Cyber-threats and hacking have become all too synonymous. For any company, your data-security measures are only as strong as your employee’s carefulness. Leave nothing to chance with Accop HyID multi-factor authentication solution.

1 %
people use the same password across multiple platforms
1 %
security breaches are due to weak passwords
1 %
companies employ multi-factor authentication


HyID allows organizations to have a complete control over the inflow and outflow of information through digital streams. Adding multiple layers of security over existing business applications, HyID gives organizations the assurance that their data is completely secure in their own hands.

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Why Accops?

Accops_HyID Feature 1

Flexible Token Support

Accops HyID supports OTP via SMS, Email, Mobile App and Biometric tokens


Protection from Untrusted Logins

Accops HyID allows only recognised devices to access company information, after a throrough scanning of all end-point devices.


Security Compliances

Accops HyID gives you complete control over the security policies that need to be fulfilled by employees and admins to gain access.

Accops_Secure Access

Secure access to all applications

Accops HyID offers you a secure and seamless access to all company applications over an internet connection, on any device.


Audit log to track and monitor activities

Accops HyID maintains a complete audit log of all employee activities and granular device reports. This supports extensive tracking capabilities.

Accops_Privileged access

Privileged access to administrators

Accops HyID gives administrators more control over applications allowing for smoother flow of over business operations.

Identity security is essential to today's digital age

The practice is one that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing technology. Reach out to us so that we can discuss on how we can help you with the security of your employees.