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Nowadays, a substantial portion of the world economy is run by technology. As economies grow, technology advances to become more and more integral to the core of this growth. At the heart of economic growth, is the success of all the businesses that build it up.

For businesses, it becomes more important than even to be accepting technologies that can further their growth. This can come only when your valuable human hours are utilized not in the mundane office processes, but in analysis and strategy development. Leave the time-consuming, low utilization processes to the technology.

We at Valto recognized this growth, and that is the mission statement behind our inception. With over 10 years of experience in enabling digital practices for businesses, we’ve seen how businesses can grow when they take that first step. We began our operations by offering paperless office solutions which is the first important step to digital growth.

Now, by 2020, Valto Technologies has scaled up both in operations and the technologies it offers. Present in 10 countries, we have enhanced out portfolio of products to include automated data capture, virtual workspace and robotic process automation solutions. Our solutions are widely deployed across all industries, ranging from healthcare and BFSI to government bodies and FMCG.

Our clientele is proof enough that our solutions have helped businesses grow at exponential rates, in terms of ROI and ease of work.

Amarnath_Valto Co Founder

Mr. Amarnath KP

For any successful business venture, it is important to have a partner who shares your vision and can add more to it. To Valto Technologies, Mr. Amarnath is that co-founder. At every step of Valto’s growth venture, he has been the backbone of the company and has played a substantial role in shaping Valto Technologies into the brand it is today.

Vinayan_Valto CEO

MR. Vinayan parappurath

Mr. Vinayan Parappurath is the founder and CEO of Valto Technologies. With an experience of vears in the digitization industry, Mr. Vinayan is one of the pioneers of the digitization movement in India. It is under his vision about how technology will shape the workplace of the future that Valto Technologies has been able to scale itself up as a worldwide brand.


Our name comes from the phrase “VALue TO you” – that’s how much we care about our clients, employees, partners, vendors and investors. Our mission plain and simple, is to be able to provide our clients with the best solutions that take the business to heights of success.
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Collaboration is key at Valto. We believe that if the team is not in sync with the clients’ needs, the project suffers quality. Constant mutual collaboration leads to a rich customer experience and tangible results. We provide instantly accessible, efficient and rich in quality solutions at a reduced rate.

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