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It's time to replace legacy PC Computing

Many businesses still follow the practice of procuring PCs for their employees, when the wold is shifting to accommodate the working culture of a faster, more mobile workforce. By tracking this trend, we developed HyDesk, a green end-point device that replaced legacy PC computing with centralized web-based computing. 

HyDesk devices are VDI-optimised and offers support for both online and offline computing, thereby matching with the different needs within your organization. 


Using HyDesk, it is now easier for admins to monitor and note device activity, lazy time, power management and other metrics to gauge employee performance.


HyDesk offers a seamless experience to the user, be it for simple use of when there is an involvement of high-end graphics in the session.


HyDesk makes it easy for admins to manage, operate and audit the Hydesk devices, since it is all connected to the centralized server and does not need to be present locally.


HyDesk allows IT teams to scale up easily as their organizations grow, without adding any superficial costs for hardware. 


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