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Your office tools - delivered to you anywhere in the world

Accops HyWorks is a solution suite of software and hardware to create, manage and deliver hosted applications & virtual desktops from your chosen datacenter seamlessly. HyWorks works in tandem with HyDesk hardware to give you a 360-degree management of your endpoint devices, and is notably the finest offering for virtual computing that an organization can avail of. All this without shooting up your IT costs.


With HyWorks solution suite, it is easy to migrate your office applications to your data center and have them deployed across your endpoint devices, availing of a faster computing experience and lower overhead costs. 

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HyDesk offers a seamless experience to the user, be it for simple use of when there is an involvement of high-end graphics in the session.


HyDesk makes it easy for admins to manage, operate and audit the Hydesk devices, since it is all connected to the centralized server and does not need to be present locally.


HyDesk allows IT teams to scale up easily as their organizations grow, without adding any superficial costs for hardware. 


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