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Catalog & E-booking

Cataloging and E-books

An eye-catching service offered by Valto technology is the creation of catalogues and e-books. Cataloging includes the capturing of data, recognizing the data, removing and modifying the data and finally classifying the data in the accurate category. Members of Valto consult with the technical team of the concerned organization to help in cataloguing and managing other requirements. In order to execute these actions, a manager of the project, cataloguing librarians and other people are needed. They do item-in-hand, expert cataloguing and customize different records and slightest detail of the specified thing.

Book the E-books

Hard copy materials such as photographs, pictures and images etc. are the source materials from which Valto produces e-books and also from electronic sources such as MSWord, Quark, HTML, Frame Maker etc. The most striking fact is that the important documents can be converted into e-books and sent through e-mails without much hassle. This conversion is gainful and can be used in any formats such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Mobipocket, and Microsoft Reader etc. A few services which are provided along with this conversion are Re-pagination, proofing, PDF conversions, Iphone and Ipad conversions etc.


Profits of Usage

Once the cataloguing is done, it becomes quite easy to sort out the required things from Spine Label, Mylar jacket, Label protector, Theft detection tag etc.
The advantage of e-Book conversion is multiple. Cheap as no amount paid to print or post. Flexible as it can be opened in any electronic device of choice. It saves time and keeps our environment and economy in check.