Digitizing & Data Capture | Valto Technologies
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Digitizing & Data Capture

Capture Data and Digitize

Valto technology has introduced certain new techniques and methods which aims to create a revolution in the business world. Our digitizing solutions can help transfer any data from paper to digital at a lower the cost and can also help in effective management as a result of which the business will be fulfilling and will flourish more. The company processes both unstructured and structured documents, be it typed, hand-written, bound-books and bar-coded with high efficiency and caters to the corporations throughout the globe.

Capturing Data

Vital information which are scattered or stored in any part of the world can be captured by Valto from any source, virtually such as fax, web, scanner, printer etc. It then computerizes and reconstructs to accelerate the business. There are multiple ways to capture data. The methods are : offshore keying, manual keying, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) , ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) , Bar-code Recognition, IDR (Intelligent Document Recognition), Template based intelligent capture, Single Click and Voice Capture (which captures voice orders and stores these recordings for future usage). These methods are used depending on the quality of the data which is to be captured and its source.



The processed documents are over 99% accurate. The operating costs are reduced by 50%. Business validations and rules are accurately integrated. Data losing risks are reduced because of Server storage. The data is protected from any kind of disaster because of the Auto Backup. And last but not the least, operators require no special training.