Document Digitization

The smart move for any
business looking to scale
is to digitize your documents.

Business Growth =
Digital Transformation

The process of digitizing office documents is the need of the hour. Organizations that are scaling up their operations need to keep in match with the rate of growth of the surrounding technologies. This is where the use of paper becomes inefficient, costly and non-sustainable.

Simply put, for radical business growth, document digitization is a



Companies that use paper as the major medium of information transfer fall behind in the following areas

  • Information Retrieval Time

    Information is the new gold. Time is money. The more you spend it on mundane jobs, the less you have to focus on your business.

  • Storage and disaster management

    Paper occupies space. In growing businesses, it becomes a hassle to manage the space for employees and document storage.

  • Inefficient workflow management

    Making copies of documents, storing them all after each approval process is a completely inefficient way of maintaining a collaborative work environment.

What could you get out of
digitizing your documents?

Better employee utilization

Use your employees for the jobs that you hired them for – leave the additional work to us. Our document digitization teams are highly specialized in capturing the information that matters to your organization.

Reduce turnaround time

On average, companies spend over 700 hours a year searching for important paper documents. Digitization allows you to have the information relevant to you at the click of a few buttons.

Faster Collaboration

Enable a collaborative workforce that can work simultaneously on the same set of information. Faster idea-sharing creates new perspectives and promises a broad growth to your organization.

Monitor process efficiencies

When your dependency on paper is eliminated, you have a real look into the performance metrics of your processes. Focus on the good and eliminate the bad, starting with paper.

Secure your information

Eliminate exposure of confidential information, from both people and external factors. Digitizing your documents removes the dependency you have on each sheet of paper.

Maintain environmental-friendly practices

Drive efficiency, both in the business and environment practices. Document digitization offers your business a very sustainable model of growth.

Valto_Document Scanning

What is the process of digitization?

To simplify the flowchart in the image, we’ve listed out the process in its various steps:

  • We prepare the documents received by separating it into various categories. This is done after understanding the client’s ongoing paper-based processes.
  • Using high-end scanners that can capture clear, crisp images of your documents, our skilled teams can process over 200,00o images per day.
  • Post scanning, the images undergo individual quality checks. Upon clearing the quality check, we capture the information most important to you and index all your documents individually.

Free your resources from the mundane office duties.
Focus them on real-time strategy and business growth

Do you want to understand how digitization can transform your office?

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