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Valto Technologies offer document management system and record management solutions services. We provide low cost,secure solutions in Dubai, UAE and Mumbai, India
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Document Management System / ECM

Discovering the information potential of businesses

The goal of a paperless office continues to get closer for organisations around the world, thanks to the rising popularity of digital document management systems. Leveraging robust processes, strong domain expertise and sound infrastructure, Valto delivers enterprise class solutions through a product that is flexible and scalable. Adaptable easily to the existing IT infrastructure, Valto Electronic Document Management collaborates with ViciDocs (of ViciSoft) and comes with following features:

Distributed capture:

Various documents may need to be captured from multiple locations depending on the business context. The application at point of capture needs to be designed considering:

A real time application which connects to the central server to upload documents.

A periodic upload application with basic document management features so that documents are managed at the point of capture for some time before being uploaded.

A thin client application which monitors a folder and uploads any document added to the folder to the central server.

Knowledge management:

Valto captures and shares knowledge across the enterprise, as the backbone of a scalable KM System:

Organizational Knowledge is predominantly embodied in unstructured documents - paper, emails, electronic documents, faxes etc.By supporting paper documents, Valto captures almost all unstructured content within an organization.

Benefit from search features including full text search, Boolean, fuzzy, etc and built in collaboration tools like an event calendar, forums, etc.

The web-based architecture of Valto facilitates convenient integration of blogs, internet search etc. Basic authoring and document conversion tools relating to formats like HTML, PDF etc.

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Scanning services

Valto Technologies in Dubai, UAE & Mumbai, India provides high quality digitization services which complements its document management software solutions. It has strong capabilities across the entire lifecycle – scanning, indexing, quality control and data export. Key features of Valto include:

Robust process-driven approach.

Sound infrastructure.

Ability to build software tools which automate and monitor digitization process.

Immense industry experience and strong track record.

Benefits to your business

Cut turnaround time and cost.

Automate business processes.

Improve employee productivity through document imaging and workflow solutions.

Easy access of scanned document from any computer by an authorized employee.

Ordinary files translated into huge databases of information that can be used for marketing, audit and management purposes, with searchable text.

Cost savings, specifically on filing cabinets, supplies and the real estate required to store data.

The difficult task of securing confidential information is simplified with a digital document management system.