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Experience the future of connected enterprise workspace with ERICOM’s specialized products. Designed to simplify the workflow yet enable the best practices of data security and consolidation for IT organizations worldwide, Ericom provides enterprise-grade secure remote access, desktop virtualization (VDI), and web security solutions. ERICOM’s products assure its users with superior connectivity, optimized enterprise productivity and a simple yet enhanced user experience.


Experience a uniquely powerful desktop and application delivery platform that is simple to deploy and administer. Built for exceptional scalability, security and ease of use, Ericom Connect features clientless, browser-based end-user access and administrative management.


The industry’s premier line of pure HTML5 RDP clients, enabling instant, browser-based access to Windows applications and desktops running on Microsoft RDS / Terminal Services and leading VDI platforms—from any device supporting an HTML5-compliant browser, including from Google Chromebooks.

ERICOM ShieldTM for Secure Browsing

The safest way to let users browse the web, Ericom Shield protects both the network and end users from browser-borne threats by detouring, containing, and disposing of all potentially risky web content in a remote safe zone—without the installation of any end point software. End users can now browse securely and enjoy a seamless native user experience to maximize their productivity.


Accelerates remote desktop connections, reduces RDP bandwidth consumption and provides a superior local PC-like experience—especially across low-bandwidth or high-latency WAN connections.

ERICOM AccessToGoTM Mobile RDP Clients

Both our Free and Blaze-accelerated mobile clients provide secure access to Windows Terminal Servers / RDS / virtual desktops (VDI) and physical desktops, anytime and anywhere — for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android tablets and phones.

PowerTermTM Terminal Emulators

Ericom’s PowerTerm Terminal Emulation products enable reliable, secure and easy access to accounting, inventory, management, and other business critical applications. Our terminal emulators enable organizations to standardize on a single host access solution that supports over 35 terminal emulation types.