Forms Processing | Valto Technologies
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Forms Processing

Effective Forms Processing

Valto technologies possess an efficient information processing group which captures any data using their accurate power and transfers it into digital forms. They use methods both automated and manual in accordance with their client’s needs. They seek help from stated configurations and templates defined beforehand. The processing done manually is considered to be risky and so Valto uses the automated ones. In order to manage convenient documentation right from the beginning such as scanning till the very end of storing they are ready with the solutions. By using statistics and analytics, Valto is able to generate well configured results.

Methods Used

Valto uses different kinds of methods to recognise and form input procedures for processing. These are:

Signature/ picture cropping and clean up.

OMR (Optical Mark Reading) for mark/check box.

OCR (Optical Character recognition) {machine print} BCR (Bar-code Recognition).

In order to recognise hand-print.

ICR (Intelligent Character recognition) and image.

2D bar-code and data processing from unstructured and structured documents.


The benefit of this process is directly related to business. Clients by using these automated form processing solutions and methods can get correct data and can also administer documents from scanned copies. What makes Valto the best is that among the numerous images, it provides the perfect data required for business.