IRIS PowerScan for Forms

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Reinvent the role of forms in your company

IRISPowerscan for Forms is a revolutionary solution to process complex forms into readily-applicable data. This smart solution can capture, validate and process any form, document coming from any source, even right from your emails or scanners. But how do these functions directly impact your business?

  • Boosts your productivity by integrating and uploading accurate data to your respective systems or DMS.
  • Speeds up turnaround time for processing and analysis of data on paper/ electronic format and efficiently pools data’s output for your business.

IRISPowerscan can show you
a simpler, efficient office life.

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Where can IRISPowerscan for Forms be used?

  • Healthcare industry sees a lot of patient records and related forms.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Generates a lot of paper in the form of delivery note forms and proof of deliveries.
  • Education” Examinations, tests and student surveys.
  • Government & Municipalities: Administrative processes, census forms etc.
  • Banking and NBFC: Loan applications, credit card and debit card forms, account opening forms. 

IRISPowerscan 10 Features


IRIS Powerscan for Forms uses the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Faster data extraction and processing allows the solution to work better than your employees, reducing processing costs.


With such smart technology, your manpower can now be diverted to more money-generating activities for your businss, while IRISPowerscan does the processing work in the background.


IRIS Powerscan’s intuitive code allows it to locate key information to be indexed from a document, and accordingly locate it automatically from future documents. This data is immediately ready for business uses.


After processing, IRIS Powerscan automatically files your documents within no time! This allows you to immediately process large volumes of data to get the data you need in the click of  a few buttons.


Worry not about the kind or location of the bar code on your document. IRIS Powerscan can recognize over 60 types of bar codes, and it doesn’t matter even if there are multiple bar codes on the same page!


IRIS Powerscan can be linked with any solution you have in the office. Be in printers, private emails, closed document management systems, IRIS Powerscan can smartly transport your document from the printing to the filing.


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