IRIS PowerScan

Smart technology for smart business growth

How efficient are your
manual invoice processing

We can guarantee that you face these problems with the current manual invoice processing teams and their methods:

  • Incorrect data capture due to human error
  • Slow turnabout and updation times
  • Unsatisfied customers and vendors

IRISPowerscan can
eliminate all these problems

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IRISPowerscan 10

  • With automated invoice processing, set your company up for complex data capture in a few simple steps.
  • Integrate easily with all your business systems for faster data capture , classification and updation.
  •  Automate data extraction and processing from emails and digital invoices.
  •  Boost productivity by enabling faster and more efficient methods of data capture.

IRISPowerscan 10 Features

Text recognition using OCR technology

IRIS Powerscan uses the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. It enables faster data extraction from anywhere on the page to the respective index field, simply at the click of a button.

Smart responsive interface

With such smart technology, it becomes important to make it accessible for all. The user-friendly interface and simple navigation allows users to easily adopt its use for scanning, viewing and managing their documents.

Data extraction

IRIS Powerscan’s intuitive code allows it to locate key information to be indexed from a document, and accordingly locate it automatically from future documents. This smart learning reduces document processing and indexing time.

Document Separation

After processing, IRIS Powerscan automatically files your documents within no time! The prowess of this software is in sorting documents using a mix of bar codes, patch codes, OCR/ ICR regions, keywords, color detection etc.

Bar code recognition

Worry not about the kind or location of the bar code on your document. IRIS Powerscan can recognize over 60 types of bar codes, and it doesn’t matter even if there are multiple bar codes on the same page!


IRIS Powerscan can be linked with any solution you have in the office. Be in printers, private emails, closed document management systems, IRIS Powerscan can smartly transport your document from the printing to the filing.


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