IRISCan Book 3

Your handheld scanning accessory

Now scan without relying on a computer!

scanning books without unbinding - possible now?

With IRIScan Book 3, this is absolutely possible! All you have to do is simply slide the scanner over the required page and save it under high quality (upto 900 DPI). IRIScan Book 3 can capture the page in 3 seconds, allowing you to create digital document faster than ever!

You don't have to be dependant on computers anymore!

Designed to be extremely compact, IRIScan  Book 3 can be carried around in your bag, so that scanning can happen on the go! With its memory card slot you can save the files to transfer them to your computer at any other time.

Scan and save in any format

IRIScan Book 3 hs the capability to save your scanned files in multiple formats, including MS Word, Excel, searchable PDF or JPEG. Using the color LCD Dsiplay, you can also preview your documents and make changes to your scanning settings directly on the device without having to connect it to a computer.

IRIScan Book - get yours now!

Reach out to us so that we can discuss your requirement. IRIScan Book 3 can be successfully deployed for internal scanning activities within your company.