IRISCan mouse executive 2

Functionality of a mouse and
a scanner in one device!

Get ready

To be amazed

Portable Scanning - Now A Reality

IRIScan Mouse Executive 2 is a unique device in the sense that it offers all the features of a portable scanner while functioning at at same time as a mouse. This device has the OCR technology integrated inside it, making it a powerful solution literally at the tip of your hands.

Automatic retyping

There is no need to retype the scanned material, since the OCR capture technology is configured to retype everything that it scans. Your documents are also automatically saved as searchable PDFs.

Automatic sync with the cloud

With a simple click, the documents you scanned are automatically uploaded into the cloud. This allows for faster collaboration between your colleagues.

Functionality of barcode scanner

IRIScan Mouse can work with over 130 languages, and comes with a scanpad designed for optimal scanning experience.

Handy Scanning just got a whole new meaning

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