IRISMart file -
Your Real friend in the office

Your everyday administrative tasks, now taken care of by IRISmart File

It is agreed upon that the time we spend on administrative work like filing, processing and submitting for approval can be used for better things that can stimulate business growth. So we ask you, why not allow IRISmart to do these mundane activities for you?

IRISmart Features

Naming and Classification

IRISmart can semi-automate the naming and file classification process for you. Enable the system to work for you, not the other way around!

Intuitive Tree Structures

IRISmart creates your tree structures for filing on the fly, based on the root name of documents.

Extensive Import Options

IRISmart is capable of importing documents of any format, including image files. The easy UI also enables you with easy usability, operations  and rearrangement.

Smart Document Separation

Document separation is done intuitively by IRISmart, when it detected blank pages during the scanning activity.

Create PDFs as You Like it

IRISmart allows you to optimize archiving and searching capabilities by automatic conversion on the fly, giving you the best formats possible.

Compatibility with Cloud

IRISmart allows your to manage your documents on the cloud, by integrating seamlessly with your cloud storage or DMS options.

Lightning-fast processing

IRISmart can process up to 30 pages per minute, including naming, filing and indexing. It can also run parallel batches in the background.

Advanced image Processing

IRISmart is capable of processing images to give the optimal integrated rendering to the user.


How does IRISmart File work?

Valto_IRISmart workflow

IRISmart gives you the freedom to not worry about the administrative documents. This intuitive software categorically names your documents, creates the folder tree structures and automatically files your documents, with far more efficiency than an employee can. With IRISmart, it is also possible to retrieve documents from anywhere, at any time.

Use the time your employees get for strategic growth planning and execution. IRISmart can take care of the simple administrative tasks.

Make your office life easier
Use IRISmart File

Reach out to us. Let us discuss how IRISmart can fit in your particular industry. We definitely think we can both walk away with more knowledge about optimizing your administrative processes.