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Accounting departments are the backbone for every business, and this is where a lot of paper is generated since generations. But if you are here, you know that using paper is creating problems for you. Let IRISmart Invoice help you optimize the functioning of your accounting department and offer you meaningful insights into improving your work.

IRISmart Invoice Features

Invoice Classification

IRISmart Invoice can semi-automate the naming and file classification process, as per supplier or date. Enable the system to work for you, not the other way around!

Invoice Encoding

IRISmart Invoice can encode your document with up to 8 fields from the invoice, using its powerful OCR technology, for efficient encoding and monitoring

Extensive Import Options

IRISmart Invoice is capable of importing documents of any format, including image files. The easy UI also enables for easy usage and rearrangement.

Easily Prepare Charts

It is now much easier to prepare for account posting tasks. IRISmart Invoice can integrate easilt with standardised accounting plans so that you can work on the fly.

Create PDFs as You Like it

IRISmart Invoice allows you to optimize archiving and searching capabilities by automatic conversion on the fly, giving you the best formats possible.

Compatibility with Cloud

IRISmart Invoice allows your to manage your invoices on the cloud, by integrating seamlessly with your cloud storage or DMS options.

Lightning-fast processing

IRISmart Invoice can process up to 30 pages per minute, including naming, filing, data extraction, indexing and run parallel batches in the background.

Compatible with most scanners

If you are planning to semi-automate right from the scanner, IRISmart Invoice is perfect for you.

Your life in accounting can be much easier
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Reach out to us. Let us discuss how IRISmart can fit in your particular industry. We definitely think we can both walk away with more knowledge about optimizing your accounting processes.