IRISMart Security -
Digitally amplify security safeguards

IRISmart Security -

Enabling better security practices for your customer service

IRISmart Security offers a whole new dimension into the security measures taken by hotels and hospitality sector. Recording your client’s information right from the reception desk, this solution enables you to offer a seamless customer experience into bliss.

IRISmart Security Features

Quick Identification

IRISmart Security is programmed to be able to recognize both domestic and international documents, complying with local legal requirements (eg: police records)

Create individual folders

IRISmart Security can easily extract data from all forms of ID cards, and create a suitable customer registry automatically.

Create PDFs as You Like

IRISmart Security creates documents easily and optimizes archiving and searching capabilities by automatic conversion on the fly, giving you the best formats possible.


How Can Hotels Use This SOlution?

Data extraction from foreign documents is done within a matter of seconds. Since verification and filing activities are done automatically, the customer experience is smooth

How compatible is the solution?

It is easily integratable with most scanners, and requires a desktop/laptop system with the minimum hardware specifications.

How Does it Read foreign documents?

Besides the data capture using the OCR engine, the solution also is able to read and extract data from MRZ strips (machine-readable zones) which is printed on most foreign documents.

Offer a robust, efficient registration experience
Use IRISmart Security

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