Open Bee DXP

Unlock your digital potential

Move in leaps and bounds for your digital transformation

Deployable on premises or in the Cloud, Open Bee Digital Platform enables your organization to roll out new business processes through cohesive document capture and management solutions.

Open Bee DXP is all about giving you the ability to get away from costly and unproductivepaper based processes by implementing a new and better way of managing information.

minimize your documents

With Open Bee's document capture and management solution, you will no longer find the need to use paper documents for your office work.

Secure digital environment

Your digital workspace is secured as per the latest international guidelines, taking away worry about your official information off the table.

automate repeating tasks

Open Bee's intelligent workflow management solution can take time off of your hands, therefore giving you time to focus on your business growth.

Mobility and integration

Open Bee can be used on any device, and the solution is designed to evolve around the users' native applications.

Frequently asked questions

Some of the cases Open Bee DXP can handle are:

  • Accounts Payable Process.
  • HR Submission Workflows.
  • Business process Management with e-Forms.
  • Document Preservation Processes.
  • Case Management.
  • Audit & Regulatory Reporting.

Of course, the solution can be customized to meet your organization’s requirement. Talk to us so that we can help you.

Open Bee strictly follows and complies with the GDPR guidelines and is regularly updated with its data-centric security policies.

Only the assigned users can use the solution, from any device that they have. Open Bee also offers a 2FA feature and regularly asks users to update/change their login credentials.

Let Open Bee adapt to your digital transformation

Intelligently designed, Open Bee DXP is meant to work around the users habits of digital usage. With the understanding that it receives, it seamlessly integrates with your user, making the transition from paper to digital all the more easier.