Robotic Process Automation

The Smart Solution of today, designed for tomorrow

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the technology of automating the work mundane business processes that are currently carried out by human beings. The work is now programmed into a “robot”, so that humans can focus their energy on larger and strategic activities. RPA also offers the following advantages- it works continuously without rest and it never makes mistakes.


Visual Workflow

With a visual designer and drag-and-drop facilities, it is much easier to design the business process for the bot

Record every activity

Our RPA solution offers a seamless recording experience between the web, desktops and SAP.

Inbuilt library

With over 200+ components pre-built into the solution, save yourself from coding every small operation.

Integrate business operations & analytics

Operational monitoring and control of historical data for Bot execution, status and notifications.

Intelligent Data capture integration

Powered by AI to add more functionality to your business processes.

CyberArk vault integration

Built for better security of your data and enabled as per privileged access basis.

AI Capabilities

Enhance the power of your robot by integrating it with the inbuilt TruAI text Analytics engine

RoI Calculator

Monitor the process automation at a business for deeper analytics.

Bot health monitoring

Proactively check the health of your bots, including their availability, validity of processes, credentials etc.

Dynamic Bot Station Selection

Bot execution mapped to multiple Bot stations for fallover for optimal utilization.

Realize your full potential with automation

What separates a smart business from the rest? Making the best use of technology available to optimize their processes. Let us talk about how you can join the cult of smart businesses.