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Thin Clients

Choose From Different Thin Client Models Of Accops HyDesk To Suit Your Company’s Individual Needs

Experience a new era of web-based computing with Accops HyDesk. Being beneficial for both the corporate houses and the environment, these thin clients, help organizations to develop a system of controlling all desktop resources through a single server or web-based computing. These are hybrid and green endpoint devices, which help protect the environment as well.

Accops HyDesk devices help organizations to reduce carbon footprints and achieve secure computing and easy controlling of desktop computing resources. These devices enable the IT stream to audit and control desktop environment and business applications from data-center with their high performance, secure endpoints, and centrally managed ability.

Supporting both VDI as well as offline operations, these thin clients are similar to the standard PC devices and offer very high levels of hardware capabilities. The benefits from the use of these devices can be enjoyed by the companies for more than 7 years, thus making them a preferred choice for all companies.