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Securing your personal information when you use our Two Factor Authentication Service in India Dubai is the utmost priority | Valto Technologies
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Two Factor Authentication

Protect And Control Access To Your Company’s Systems With The Two factor Authentication System Of HyId

The HyId provides a perfect two factor authentication and authorization solution to the companies today. With flexible and easy services, the system basically integrates multi-factor authentication services for the purpose of verifying a user. The services offered by this system include One Time Password (OTP), Digital Certificates and authentication based on Biometrics.

It allows the companies to have complete and absolute control over the distribution and use of the privileges with respect to the access to the company’s systems by the IT teams, consultants, support team and developers. Through the use of HyId, companies are able to track, audit and control who all are accessing the system and, thereby, protect the company system from various security threats.

It protects:

Linux Server Console & Remote Shell Access

Any corporate application via REST API

RDP into Windows desktops & Servers

SSL VPN, Firewalls, Managed Switches

Microsoft Windows Server Login

Remote Access Gateways

Microsoft Windows Desktop Login

Being extremely flexible, it can easily fit into the current systems and infrastructure of any company, thus giving every company a user-friendly authentication system to safeguard its interests.