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Our Application Virtualization Services Solution makes your infrastructure reliable and efficient. We delivers virtualization benefits through virtual machine
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VDI / Application Virtualization

Key Features Making VDI/ Application Virtualization Efficient

The VDI or the Application virtualization is a set of software and hardware, which is designed to help in the creation, management and delivery of applications and virtual desktop from the data-centers. All the core services which are required for creating and managing these virtual desktops and hosted applications, services relating to auditing, authorization, and authentication, brokering of connection and provisioning services, are offered by VDI.

Some of the most important and key features of Application Virtualization include:

Management of the distributed devices is done through a web-based system, which makes this management simple and efficient.

The setting up of and deployment of new virtual desktops can be done swiftly and within a matter of a few minutes.

Resources from thousands of virtual desktops can be pooled in easy and the management of this huge pool of resources is also pretty easy.

A single panel is used for the management of the entire pool of virtual desktops.

The VDI offers the best and the most cost effective end to end solution for virtual computing.