work from home solution

Transformation from age-old practices

What people say

Some actual facts about the work-from-home future

1 %

Millennials would give up a job for one that offers flexible working space.

1 %

People feel more loyalty to their company when their working hours are flexible

1 %

Increase in the number of people who work remotely full-time since 2005.

The growth of work-from-home solutions shows us that the future of organizations is remote.

But how can Accops help you achieve this goal?

Virtual Apps/ Desktop Access

The applications required for your office can now be virtualized, offering a faster, seamless experience to your employees

Office PC & Internal Apps Access from home

With secure, zero-trust based access, enable your employees to complete projects wherever they are, without compromising your information.


Accops offers a ready-to-go-live solution for short duration without the need to deploy remote-access infrastructure in your premises.

Valto_Data Leakage Protection

Secure Access to Office PCs

With complete data leakage protection, enable your employees to securely access their work from anywhere.

Valto_Zero Trust

Zero-Trust Application Remote Access

Built on the latest guidelines under the Zero-trust framework, Accops enables the best of security protocols.

Valto_Secure Access for BYOD

Secure Container-Based Access for BYOD

With container-based security parameters, you will not have to worry about viruses in your emails or from your browsing activities.


Employee Productivity Reports

Accops helps keep a track of your employee activities during the time they are online. It also provides you with very detailed reports into the employee’s attendance reports.

Integrated Access Gateway, MFA and Virtual Desktop Access

Accops solutions support your access to office information across any end-point device.

Valto_Go Live

Go Live in less than 6 hours

Accops allows you to scale up operations for your entire organization in less than 6 hours, ensuring business continuity by the same day.

Business Continuity, under all circumstances.